Reader: No In-N-Out, No White Castle — Let Denver Be Denver!
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Reader: No In-N-Out, No White Castle — Let Denver Be Denver!

The reappearance of Godfather's Pizza in Denver has fans hungering for other hard-to-find tastes, including White Castle. But while that chain has plenty of defenders, hundreds of readers chimed in with what they'd like to see in this city — and what they definitely don't want to see. Says Robert: 

Seriously, you live in one of the best food cities in the whole country and you want crap White Castle burgers? What's next, Bojangles?

Replies Richard (and dozens of others):  

We don't want White Castle. We want In-N-Out!

But then there's this from Ilena: 

No White Castle, No In-N-Out. Let Denver be Denver! We need more local restaurants!

Concludes Miguel: 

White Castle ain't no big shakes. Neither is In-N-Out. Quit trying to rally everyone up for foreign chain-burger joints. Grandpa's Jim's — that's Denver burger eating. 

Would Denver's burger scene benefit from the addition of White Castle or In-N-Out? Or should we celebrate our homegrown burgers?

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