Reader: Old South Gaylord Street is the suburbs

The fur's really flying in the Old South Gaylord neighborhood, with Brown Dog Pizza's liquor-license hearing set for June 1, and neighbors fighting neighbors over whether the block already has enough liquor licenses.

Here's the take from Davenyc222, responding to a resident who enjoys the urban amenities:

Errrr...Gaylord IS a Suburb...That's why we live here...kids...strollers...ice cream shops....quaint stores...walking dogs....Not bumping into half drunk wannabe city slickers. If you love the lifestyle so much why don't you just pack up to NYC, a REAL city, and move to the Bowery where you can't be as drunk as you want for as many hours as you need.

Westword got its start in the basement of a bungalow in the 900 block of Old South Gaylord. When we needed more fuel for our dreaming and scheming, we'd wander down the street to grab a beer and some really bad Mexican food at Hemingway's, one of the few options in the next block back in the late '70s -- and no relation to the Hemingway's that later occupied this address. This was even before Reiver's, the granddaddy of Old South Gaylord, opened its doors), before the Wash Park Grill and Japon and Devil's Food joined the lineup. The spot at 1001 South Gaylord slated to become Brown Dog was a little car repair place that we relied on to keep us moving.

Has Old South Gaylord changed for the better over the past three decades? We think so -- but then, the memory of some of those nights at Hemingway's still makes us squirm.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.