Reader: OMG! How could you recommend that ice cream?

Although we proclaimed the Boulder-based Glacier Ice Cream & Gelato the best ice cream in the area in our Best of Denver 2013 (in addition to Glacier's several spots in Boulder, a Glacier outpost opened at 3455 South University Boulevard in February), there are many other great spots for ice cream in the Denver. And last week, we served up the ten best.

Do you think one ice cream shop licks another?

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To cut down on the inevitable arguments, Dave Barnes offers this:

OMG! How could you recommend [insert name here] as their ice cream is horrible?

OMG! Thanks for recommending [insert name here] as their ice cream is the best!

Just trying save other people some time.

Have the scoop on ice cream so good it's worth fighting for? Tell us about it below. And look at our original list of the ten best places for ice cream here.

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