Reader: Panning Paxia -- are you crazy?

Reader: Panning Paxia -- are you crazy?

Los Carboncitas is a great Mexican restaurant, and one that actually focuses on the foods of Mexico, rather than Tex Mex or Colorado Mex or Den-Mex, as Gustavo Arellano calls the food at this town's standard Mexican joints. So Laura Shunk was eager to try Paxia, the upscale sibling of Los Carboncitas. But while she liked the concept and the setting, as she reports in her review of Paxia, several dishes were dry, dry, dry.

Says Wes:

The food can be very dry?!? Are you crazy? Listen, people, the food here is great. I don't know what this reviewer is ordering. I've never had anything you could conceivably label as "dry." I love Los Carboncitos too (which, ironically, is pretty dry if you don't get things smothered), but this is a whole other league above that.

Try Paxia. You won't be disappointed.

Have you tried Paxia? What did you think? Post your comments below.

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