You'll never be lonely in LoDo.
You'll never be lonely in LoDo.
Ken Hamblin

Reader: Please Don't Turn These Neighborhood Bars Into LoDo!

This week's cover story took us to LoDo — or is that BroDo? Allison, a local writer who covers Denver nightlife, used to be a regular in LoDo but now prefers local bars around town — and she listed some of her favorite neighborhorhood bars for us, including Solera and Linger. Readers have other suggestions: Adrift, Don's on 6th, Southside. And then there's this from Alex:

No. Don't go to any of these places. They all suck and you should just stay in LoDo. Please don't turn these places into LoDo...

Adds Sandra:

Wow, Allison, you hit the nail on the head. You are hysterical. I am in my 50s and used to go to Rock Island, The Parrish, City Spirit. It was so much fun back then and the music was great. I would hate it now and am glad I moved out. Thanks for the entertaining article, it gave me a good laugh!

What do you think of LoDo? What's your favorite neighborhood bar?


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