Denver's Neighborhood Bars: Where to Go When You Outgrow LoDo

When Allison moved here ten years ago, she frequently visited bars in lower downtown. But now Allison, who took Westword on a tour of LoDo one recent Friday night for this week's cover story, "From LoDo to BroDo," prefers to escape the bros and go to bars in other neighborhoods, especially bars that have patios and great food. We asked her for some of her favorite places, and she provided this list of go-to spots, divided by neighborhood; the descriptions are hers.

Although RiNo is fast becoming baby LoDo, I do like several places there.

Ratio Beerworks
2920 Larimer Street

Allows dogs, multiple good beers, usually good food trucks, more friendly and less beer-snobby than other area breweries.

Los Chingones
2461 Larimer Street

I like to call this place “Hipster Cobra” because it has a big cobra instead of a normal sign and is full of hipsters, but it has a good happy hour, tasty food and a nice rooftop patio.

The Populist
3163 Larimer Street

Great if you’re feeling fancy, with a beautiful secluded patio. A little pricey, but very good food and cocktails.
1330 27th Street

It’s like Dazzle in that it has great jazz musicians, but it’s a little more hip and with a very nice 1920s art-deco ambience.

5410 East Colfax Avenue

This is my favorite neighborhood place. It has tasty Spanish-themed fare, a good wine list and a great back patio.

Cerebral Brewing
1477 Monroe Street

Mostly I like it because you can get pie next door at the Humble Pie store to go with your beer.

Keep reading for more neighborhood bars.

Baker is also gaining a critical mass of bros to go with the hipsters, but I like it.

24 Broadway

Crazy amount of excellent beer options and awesome rooftop patio.

Beatrice & Woodsley
38 South Broadway

It looks like a fancy forest and has an awesome brunch and cocktails.
Badger’s Pub
76 South Broadway

I like this little divey place full of friendly homeless people, drunk people and various bar games.

SoBo 151 Bar and Grill
151 South Broadway

Nice variety of European beers and European food, and a good karaoke crowd on Saturday nights.

Grandma’s House
1710 South Broadway

The owners make their own beer and serve it to you in knitted koozies. The place looks like your grandma’s house, and they have old-school video-game systems that you can play!

840 Lincoln Street

Another favorite because of the friendly crowd full of weirdos. Also the karaoke; I once saw a baby in there dancing and trying to climb onto the stage while a woman sang “Rolling in the Deep” — and it was amazing.

Forest Room 5
2532 15th Street

Good patio with a campfire, stream and weird nature-themed art.

2030 West 30th Avenue

Linger has an amazing patio.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.