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Reader: Quality Italian Is the Worst Restaurant Name Ever

Reader: Quality Italian Is the Worst Restaurant Name Ever
Mark Antonation
The Halcyon Hotel in Cherry Creek was already home to the posh Departure restaurant, as well as the semi-secret B & GC bar. This month it added Quality Italian, and people are already raving about the classy decor and the food, a variation on the menu of the original Quality Italian roster in New York City. But one reader is no fan of the name. Says Jesse: 
Worst restaurant name ever. I may open a place called "Decent American." Perhaps "Average Asian."
But we'd say this is far from the worst restaurant name ever:  At least "quality" defines the kind of Italian food and experience you'll find at the eatery. On the other hand, there was Rusty Taco, whose unappetizing descriptor has since been changed to a simple R: R Taco. Leave the rust to the Rusty Bucket (either the single bar in Lakewood or the sound-alike chain). And Fuzzy's Taco Shop is too often referred to as Fuzzy Taco: not exactly yummy.

Then there are the names that look so cutting edge but  conflict with cutting-edge technology: T|ACO, for example, was impossible to search for, which could explain why much of the mini-chain disappeared. (There's still one in Boulder, under the more searchable T/ACO.)

But bad names aren't limited to taco joints. For a bad restaurant name, we think it would be hard to beat the Greedy Hamster, which always makes us think about cleaning out the cage of an unfortunate pet.

What do you consider the worst restaurant name in Denver?
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