Welcome to Solitaire.EXPAND
Welcome to Solitaire.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Solitaire's Prices Are Absurd for the Portion Size

Solitaire opened in April in the space that once held Highland's Garden Cafe — two Victorian homes surrounded by lovely gardens. When Gretchen Kurtz visited Solitaire for her latest review, she found that the gardens were still lovely and that the new owners — Mark Ferguson and his wife, Andrea Faulisi Ferguson — have an impressive commitment to seasonal ingredients. “We design the menu as if it were a tasting menu," Mark told Gretchen. The menu’s setup works like a good host at a dinner party, bringing together people of different backgrounds and making everyone feel like the best of friends by night’s end. But do they pay too high a price for that party? Says Brian:

Agree with much of what you say. My issue with Solitaire is that the prices are absurd for the quantity of food you get. For example, the $20 hanger steak we got was just a few bites...that's crazy to me. The restaurant told us the prices were due to the quality of their ingredients but, to me, they were out of line with dishes of similar quality (and much larger size) at comparable restaurants.

Have you been to Solitaire? What did you think of the food? The prices?


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