Reader: Stay away from Lao Wang Noodle House...I beg you!

One woman's favorite dumpling is a dish someone else dumps on. In 100 Favorite Dishes, Lori Midson recently raved about the xiao long bao at Lao Wang Noodle House. Those wrappers are too thick, sniffs one critic.

Listen to him, pleads another reader:

Yes this Polygrip person is right and not a twit. Don't listen to Lori. The dumplings are bad, not amazing. I don't want them all the time. Stay away. Far away. It's not my favorite thing to eat in Denver. Lori, no more talkey! Too crowded.

Lao Wang doesn't just make one of our favorite dishes, it's one of the very best Chinese restaurants in town. In honor of the Chinese new year, we also just served up "Denver's ten best Chinese restaurants." Read it here.

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