Word of Mouth

Reader: Still Time for Brunch at La Loma Before Move Downtown

Under the original plan, by now La Loma was supposed to have left its perch in Jefferson Park and moved into the downtown space that once was home to Trinity Grille. But renovations there have taken longer than anticipated, and the move has been pushed back again, until the end of June. Which means that you have over a month to eat at this landmark spot at 2527 West 26th Avenue. (And then you'll want to stock up on to-go boxes, because it will take a few days to get the tortilla maker and other items set up in the new spot at 1801 Broadway. ) The new delay came as good news to fans. Says Kasey: 
How about they delay it forever?
Worries Daniel: 
I think moving will hurt their business.
Says Cnora: 
They're giving us a little more time, let's set a date!
And then there's this from Yvette: 
Let's brunch here once before they move!!!
And you can brunch there today: La Loma opens at 11 a.m. And, yes, to answer another reader, the restaurant takes reservations. Just call 303-433-8300. Find out more at lalomamexican.com.
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