Reader: The falafel truth about Pickled Lemon

How close is too close? How many falafel joints can a town, even a college town, support? The news that the family behind Udi's had opened Pickled Lemon, a fast-casual Mediterranean concept, on the Hill in Boulder brought this from Rebecca:

This concept sounds very familiar to Garbanzo's. Isn't there one in Boulder right down the street from them?

But 29th Street, where the homegrown Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill chain has an outlet, is a long way from downtown Boulder for someone looking for a fast Meds fix. And even if the two were side by side, LeeAnn offers this falafel truth:

Falafel is essentially another ultimate convenience food kind of like the hamburger or Mission-style burrito. In some countries you'll find falafel stands on every corner. Think Starbucks, McDonalds or Chipotle. So I guess the question is if 12 restaurants with this menu are enough? Or which of the restaurants might make falafel an everyday Colorado food? After all, how many hamburger restaurants with identical menus can this city support? The answer is lots of hamburger restaurants. Seems like we can't get enough. I hope an accessible falafel restaurant shows up very soon in my 'hood. Pickled Lemon come to Denver!!

Does Denver need a Pickled Lemon? Where should it go?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.