Shondiz is a favorite for falafel.
Shondiz is a favorite for falafel.

Reader: The Falafel Truth Is That Denver Suffers From Midwestern Whiteness

In honor of International Falafel Day last week, we served up our list of the Ten Best Falafel Spots in Denver, and included both longtime late-night mainstay Jerusalem and Garbanzo, the homegrown chain that now has 22 locations across the country. But while we appreciate those places, some readers do not. Says Kellie:

Thought, "If I see Jerusalem on this list, the list is void." Saw Jerusalem. List is void.

Adds Ricki:

I don't trust a list that includes Garbanzo (total garbage) and leaves out Wikipita, a kiosk at 16th and Arapahoe: The bread is amazing and the ingredients are super fresh — the best falafel I've had since leaving New York. The owner is Israeli and knows his stuff.

And then there are readers who are disappointed with the Middle Eastern restaurants in Denver in general. Says Jason:  

I hope this list helps me find good falafel, but I know two of these places are boom-boom trash. Denver suffers from the Midwestern whiteness of its food. Even good Mexican food without lard is hard to find in this town. It's got a long way to go. Good Ethiopian food here, though; that's good.

Adds Kellie: 

There are hardly ten Middle Eastern restaurants in Denver to begin with. They can't all be the best.

Farmer Girl falafel: Try them all!
Farmer Girl falafel: Try them all!
Mark Antonation

In fact, some of the places that serve the area's best falafel aren't Middle Eastern restaurants at all: Linger, for example, and Farmer Girl. See our entire list here, then tell us what you think of Garbanzo, Jerusalem and other falafel offerings around town.

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