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Reader: The Satire Lounge Is One of Denver's Iconic Bars

Reader: The Satire Lounge Is One of Denver's Iconic Bars
Sarah McGill
The neon of Pete's Satire Lounge has been shining over Colfax since the ’60s, when what had been Sugie's Lounge, a sports bar, was transformed into an entertainment venue booked by the legendary Walt Conley. Bob Dylan hung out there in the summer of 1960, until he pissed off the main act: the Smothers Brothers. Great history — but enough to earn the Satire a place on our list of the Ten Most Iconic Bars in Denver? Says Wendy:   
You forgot the Satire Lounge right on the next block from the Lion's Lair ... a great local bar when I used to live in Denver.. many a good time there.
It was a close call for the Satire, but we still miss that dark, sparkly ceiling that gave the place a cavelike feel; today, it's more of a bright cantina that's a great neighborhood bar and spot for Mexican food. This plate is hot!

What do you think of the Satire? Our iconic bar choices?
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