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Reader: The Un-Irish Ignorance of Your St. Patrick's Party List is Ludicrous

St. Patrick's Day is actually March 17, but the party has already started, and this morning, downtown will be filled with people coming out for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, one of the biggest celebrations in the country. And there are plenty of places to continue the party, as we noted in our Ten Best Places to Start Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Denver.  

Readers were quick to point out spots we missed. Where was the Blake Street Tavern? Scruffy Murphy's? Nallen's? (That one's "for the cool kids only," says one reader.) Says William: 
Definitely a bullshit list. None of those places I would go to — many dbags.
Adds Liz: 
The un-Irish ignorance of this list is a ludicrous joke.
But one entry on the list won praise from Mark, who concludes:
Two words. Irish Snug.
By the way, the Irish Snug and the Colorado Department of Transportation are partnering today to help holiday drinkers "Know Their Limits." CDOT will be at the bar at 1201 East Colfax Avenue from 2 to 5 p.m. today, doing voluntary tests of drinkers' BAC levels, conducting field sobriety tests, and encouraging drinkers to know their limit and stay safe. Find out more here.
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