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Reader: The Wishbone Has the Best Fried Chicken in Denver

The Best of Denver 2016 will land on March 31, and now's your chance to bring out your personal best, in the second round of our Best of Denver 2016 Readers' Poll. We've tallied the votes cast in the first round, and now we'd like you to vote for your favorites among the finalists. The readers' choice picks will be listed on many of the categories that will be included in the issue, including Best Fried Chicken. And in response to our list of our ten favorite fried chicken spots in town, readers served up a few more. Says Carrie:
If you are going as far north as Lafayette ,you should go south to Castle Cafe in Castle Rock. It's pan- fried, served family-style and always hot and crispy.
Responds Ricky:
The Wishbone has them all beat for great fried chicken.
The Best of Denver 2016 Readers' Poll will return today for a second round; vote for everything from your favorite fried chicken to the town's best sushi bar here. And if your favorite fried chicken joint didn't make the cut, you can still dish in a comment.
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