Word of Mouth

Reader: There's Always Room for Fun New Cuban Restaurants in Denver

Hungry for Cuban food — and more places where you can find it in Denver? This week Mark Antonation visited Cuba Bakery & Cafe, which brings a touch of Miami to the metro area. And readers ate up the news. Says Andy:
WOWSER! We've been to Cuba Cuba, but it's been years. Now you've changed our lives with this post about Cuba Bakery. I guess we'll be up at dawn to get there for the all-day grazing. Thanks for this. 
Responds Michael:
People! Go try Buchi's Cafe Cubano in the Highlands and search out Frijoles Colorado in Lakewood! There's always room for new and fun restaurants, but these should not be missed.
 But Danny will stay true:
 I absolutely love the food and staff at Cuba Bakery and Cafe!! I am a full-blooded Cuban and eating here beats every restaurant in town hands down! I was born in Miami, and raised on Cuban food. When my brother Pete told me about this place, I was skeptical after eating at a couple of other "Cuban restaurants" in Denver. I'm telling you, you want Cuban food eat here! Extremely affordable and the staff make you feel like family. I've seen these guys at work, nothing but the best for everyone that walks though the door.

Thanks again, guys.
When you have a hankering for Cuban food, where do you go in Denver?
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