Does this look like good barbecue to you?
Does this look like good barbecue to you?
Danielle Lirette

Reader: There's No Such Thing as Good BBQ in Denver

In advance of the Best of Denver 2016 — which hits the streets, and this website, on March 31 — we've been eating at barbecue joints all over town, including those on our list of the Ten Best Barbecue Joints in Denver, which ended with the 2015 winner, Wayne's Smoke Shack. One reader wasn't impressed by any of them. Says Li:

There's no such thing as really good BBQ in Denver. There's more or less passable BBQ, but that's about it.

But Daniel has a suggestion: 

My back yard.

What do you consider the best barbecue in Denver? You'll learn our answer, and our readers' favorite, in the Best of Denver 2016.

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