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Reader: This Texan Can't Find Good Mexican Food in Denver!

We've been all about tacos this month. We ate dozens of them at the first Tacolandia — a celebration of street tacos that promises to become an annual event for Westword. Mark Antonation tried several of the featured eateries in advance, for his list of "Five Uncommon Tacos and Where to Find Them." But one reader didn't appreciate his choices. Mario writes:
I've been here for nineteen years from Texas and I haven't gotten any good Mexican food. The Mexican food in Colorado needs to improve. The food I like is Tex Mex — that's comida tejano. I'm letting you know this because I was born in Texas. Texans who move here to Colorado are very unhappy with the Mexican food; they just don't know how to cook. Giving you the head's up.
But our recent 100 Favorite Dishes pick of the mini rellenos at La Loma, a Denver institution for more than forty years, got a seal of approval from Yvon: 
So you guys DO know of good Mexican restaurants there!!
What are your favorite Mexican restaurants in Denver? If you're from Texas, where do you go in the Mile High City?
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