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Reader: Warned Wurstküche — They Said, "Concept Works in California"

The renovation of its Denver home lasted longer than Wurstküche itself did in Denver. After major work to the triangular space at 2036 Broadway — the former home of the infamous Triangle gay bar and, later, Rockaway — this outpost of the Los Angeles sausage peddler opened last February. But now the grills have gone cold and the umlaut-riddled name above the door is gone: Wurstküche has pulled out of Denver. Says Christian:
Good riddance. That place was horrible.
Adds Daniel:
Warned them. They said, "Concept works in California "
Michael offers this analysis:
 Great beer selection and good brats. Unfortunately, they don't have a happy hour which is a must in this town and their brats are more expensive than Biker Jim's. There's also no parking. Nobody is paying for parking unless they're getting a good deal inside.
And then there's this from Dallas:
Sausage....pulling out of Denver ? I guess readership would miss any reference to The Triangle.
Did you try Wurstküche? Where do you go for sausage in Denver ? (And no points for "Cheesman Park.")
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