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Reader: Westword Gushed Over Argyll, and Now It's Closed. Coincidence?

Argyll Whisky Beer closed this week, and opinions started spilling out quickly about that restaurant and others founded by Robert Thompson, who earned a Best New Restaurant award for Brasserie Rouge, a second for the original Argyll, and now is creating an eatertainment empire with Punch Bowl Social, which got its start in a former Denver Big Lots and will soon be in fourteen locations — including the old Stapleton Airport control tower. Says Kim:
I think this was a good idea...Punch Bowl is an amazing restaurant and something that could definitely expand! That place would be awesome on any college campus.
Responds Jerry: 
What?!  The only thing I didn't like about Argyll is its association with Punch Bowl. Aside from that, it had one of the best whiskey selections in Denver, some damned good food and $4 (good) Old- Fashioneds at happy hour. This makes me very sad.
And then there's this from Kurt: 
Ever notice the correlation between Denver restaurants that Westword gushes over, and those same restaurants shuttering?
What did you think of Argyll? Of Punch Bowl?
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