Reader: When does the fast-casual burger market reach its saturation point?

Big Smoke Burger

opened yesterday in Glendale's City Set project, the first U.S. location of a Canada-based firm. Founder Cameron Tune sees lots of promise in Denver's "immature" burger market. But is there room on the grill?

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Says TheJeff:

So when does the fast-casual burger market reach its saturation point? Between multiple locations of Smashburger, LarkBurger, and Five Guys, it feels pretty well covered. If you add in those "one and two off" joints like Juicy Burger, Park Burger, and H Burger and all of the chains from other communities that are dipping a toe in the Denver market (Freddies, Culver's, Steak 'n Shake), it feels pretty well covered.

Is there room in the Denver market for Big Smoke Burger? What's your favorite fast-casual burger joint in town?

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