Solera is a mainstay on East Colfax Avenue.
Solera is a mainstay on East Colfax Avenue.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Where Are the Best Restaurants on West Colfax Avenue?

In anticipation of the Best of Denver 2016, which lands on March 31, been rolling out lists that align with some of the categories on our Best of Denver 2016 Readers' Poll. Yesterday, we served up the Twelve Best Restaurants on Colfax, and immediately heard from fans about places that hadn't made the cut. Where was Bastien's?  Pete's Kitchen? Pete's Gyros? City Grille? And Mrs. G points out: 

Last time I checked Colfax is east and west. Not just east. You missed the mark on this! Boo.

Concludes Eryn: 

Maybe change the title to "Best Restaurants on Gentrified East Colfax."

Want to vote for your favorite restaurant on Colfax? Go to our Best of Denver 2016 Readers' Poll. And if you'd like to tell us more about your favorite restaurants on West Colfax, we'll start working on a list of those, too.

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