Reader: Where should Texans eat? At DIA, on their way home...

The recent appearance of Kolache Cabin won applause from Texans, who'd missed their state's version of this Eastern European treat. That got us thinking about other foods that Texans might be craving here in Colorado, and while a few readers added helpful suggestions to the list that one-time Texas resident Mark Antonation posted on Friday, the overwhelming number of comments -- 200 and counting -- made it clear that Texas is the state that Coloradans love to hate. See also: The nine best places for Texans to eat in Denver

Here's one of the more polite suggestions of where Texans should eat in Colorado, from Mike:

Denver International Airport, on their way back to Texas..

In response to comments like that, Sylvie responds:

I've been back and forth from San Antone for many years.. CO is beautiful and I enjoy it from time to time.. But it's haters like you who give CO a bad rep.. I do understand, tho.. Ignorant haters gonna hate what they have never experienced before! Get a life and live outside the box and visit Texas sometime...

And when Coloradans visit Texas, where should they eat? Post your suggestions below....and remember, turnabout is fair play...

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