Reader: Who leaked the Romney/Rosa Linda story to Westword?

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I stopped by Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe last night, and the place was packed. Packed full of TV cameras, full of people who'd heard about the controversy that erupted after Cafe Society first reported that the family that owns the restaurant had declined to let Romney supporters use their place as a campaign stop, with a few regulars stuffed into the corners.

It was quite the contrast to the scene night before, when Oscar Aguirre, the eldest son of the family that owns the restaurant who'd fielded the initial Romney campaign request, had the place largely to himself, fielding angry phone calls while a friendly cop car stood outside.

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It's no surprise that the Romney campaign would have liked to link up with Rosa Linda's -- this is a Mexican restaurant, after all, and Rosa Linda and Virgil Aguirre, who opened their spot almost thirty years ago, are both Mormon. But they had their reasons for turning down the request, which Oscar first explained in a Facebook post a month ago, and has explained again and again over the past few days.

And as the story sped around the globe, people have wondered how Cafe Society got onto it in the first place.

Says Dave:

I'd be curious who leaked the story to Westword, then we could judge whether it was a publicity stunt or whether they were victimized by a spurned politician. If the family leaked it then why should we feel sorry for them for getting the publicity they were begging for? Good food might bring me in, stunts won't. On the plus side thousands of broke liberals will flock to spend their welfare checks at Rosa Lindas regardless of who initiated the story.

Says Mervyn:

So, how did Kelsey find out about this story unless somebody from the Romney campaign fingered Ros Linda? Is this what we can expect from our government if Romney is elected?

For the record, no leaks from the Romney campaign or the family. When web editor Kelsey Whipple heard that Mitt Romney had eaten at Chipotle on Tuesday, she started researching what other Mexican restaurants he might have visited -- and found both Oscar's Facebook posting about the Romney campaign request, and a Wall Street Journal story about the family refusing a Bush campaign request more than a decade ago. So she called the restaurant, and got the rest of the story from Oscar.

Which we published on Cafe Society Tuesday, and stand by -- no matter how the Romney campaign may be spinning it now. Read that original story -- along with more than 150 comments -- here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.