Reader: Why doesn't this chef just superglue his lips to Richard Sandoval's butt?

Tamayo started the year with a million-dollar remodel of the space at the edge of Larimer Square that opened a decade ago; the menu got an update, too. Arnold Rubio has been in the kitchen since Richard Sandoval first opened Tamayo, his "modern Mexican" restaurant; today Rubio is the executive chef, and the focus of this week's Chef and Tell interview. "I have such an intense passion for cooking and Mexican cuisine," he tells Lori Midson, "and working for Richard is one of the most amazing things I've ever done in my life."

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Comments like that led to a real food fight in the comments section. Here's the first round, from foodcrazy:

Why doesn't this chef just go ahead and superglue his lips to Richard Sandoval's butt?

But japarfrey has a more pressing concern, and appreciated Rubio's interview:

Sure wish you hadn't changed the huitlacoche soup. It was a major reason we came to Tamayo. Glad we have the original recipe, though. We can always make it at home.

Have you eaten at the remodeled Tamayo? Have you tried the brunch deal? Read the Rubio Chef and Tell? Post your thoughts below.

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