Reader: With The Social, Castle Pines gets a good restaurant -- and no reason to feel guilty

Why should LoHi have all the fun? Last month chef Lance Barto left the kitchen at Linger to help open The Social in Castle Pines -- where residents welcomed him with open arms.

And open mouths.

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Some carpers quibbled about Barto moving to the 'burbs.

To those, ladyjanealdred responds:

"Urban sprawl"? Is that a disease? So because Castle Pines (which is hardly the burbs) gets a good restaurant with a progressive approach we are supposed to feel guilty for taking something away from the cool Highlanders? Guess what else? We walk, ride bikes, or the occasional horse to the restaurants, none of which are chains. Castle Pines Village is a vibrant community with culture, people from allover the world from artists to CEO's and even waiters...yep we have those too. Come visit, although it's a long walk and you may catch the "sprawl."

Have you been to Castle Pines lately? Have you visited the Social?

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