Word of Mouth

Reader: You Need to Do More Research on Clamatos!

Clamato preparado, which takes the michelada theme and, skipping the beer, cranks the formula up to eleven, has hit town with a tomato-splattered splash. Part beverage, part snack and part base for your own adult beverage (if you’re packing beer, tequila or vodka), clamatos preparados have been popping up at a few new Mexican eateries in town, and now there are even a handful of shops dedicated to nothing but the tangy, salty, spicy drink. Mark Antonation investigated clamatos preparados in his most recent Ethniche — but Alejandro thinks he needs to get out more: 
You missed the best one — Clamatos La Cura is the best.  Their stand is in the Alameda and Tejon area. Nothing is better than that — you need to do more research!
Advises Michelle: 
Nothing new, we make them at home.
Agua Mineral (club soda)
Soy sauce
Fresh lime
Chile powder (we use Valentina chile powder)
Valentina (hot sauce)
And add what ever you like
Carne seca (beef jerky)
Olives (yuck)
Will you try clamatos preparados? Short of going to Michelle's home, where will you stop?
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