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Reader: Your Ten Best Burgers List Has Zero Credibility

Last week we served up another helping of The Ten Best Burgers in Denver — 2015 Edition, a list that ends with our Best of Denver 2015 pick for Best Hamburger: the Ditka at Jimmy's Urban Bar & Grill. Some readers found the list hard to swallow, including Ken, who says this about our top pick:
How is it that the best burger in Denver makes people think of Chicago? Ten best my ass. The ten best burgers in Denver should make people think of Denver when they eat one.
We're thinking of Denver — and burgers — a lot these days, as we chow down to the finish line for the Best of Denver 2016, which hits the streets on March 31. And in their comments, readers offer plenty of suggestions for places that could be contenders this year. Says Greg:
I know it started in Texas, but Hopdoddy has the best burgers in Denver. Perfect balance of flavors, perfect ratio of sauces, to toppings, to patty, to bun. And the juiciest, best quality meat of any burger in Colorado. Consider it for next year's list.
Suggests Rusk:
Juicy Burgers and Dog not on this list shows that it was made by someone sitting behind a desk looking up Internet pages. They are family owned tiny little shop in Centennial. They even have a burger named for a local CU player for a few years ago. The "Chad Brown" burger.
And then there's this from Trent:
Ten best list without Crave??? Zero credibility!
What do you consider the best burger in metro Denver? Who should win top honors this year? (BTW, Juicy Burgers & Dogs won the Best Burger award in 2012.)
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