Does Denver really want In-N-Out?
Does Denver really want In-N-Out?

Readers: Denver Doesn't Need In-N-Out or White Castle!

The news that Shake Shake is coming to town later this year had many Denver diners talking about the burger joints that they'd like to see open up in the Mile High City. Once again, In-N-Out and White Castle topped the list...for some. Says Josh:

In-N-Out would be the only chain that we're missing once Shake Shack arrives. I grew up with White Castle and never need to go again.

Adds Alex: 

White Castle is objectively terrible. People think of it fondly out of some misplaced Midwestern/drunken nostalgia. It's barely even food. They squirt the "burgers" out of an extruder. I would rather eat a bucket of roofing nails than even one slider. White Castle should be on trial in the Hague.

But then there's this from Jon: 

Honestly, for a fast food joint, I think Fat Burger is better than In-N-Out. And we have one!

The final word comes from Dave: 

Chains! We don't need no stinking chains.

Do you agree with Dave? What's your favorite burger in Denver?

(And for more on In-N-Out, don't miss this People interview with Lynsi Snyder, the heiress who's about to become majority owner.)

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