Readers: Is the best green chile in Pueblo? Or is it just hot snot?

In Denver, no food inspires more heated discussion than green chile -- that thick, porky concoction that's native to this state. After we served up our list of "Denver's five best green chile fixes, everyone weighed in with their favorites: Benny's, Santiago's, Brewery Bar II, La Loma. Everyone, that is, except the people who hate the very idea of Colorado-style green chile. People like greenchilehater:

Green Chile is disgusting. It's hot snot. Denver is obsessed with hot snot over nasty burritos, then smothered again with American cheese.

Then again, there are fans like Jon S, who offered more food for thought:

Overall this is a worthy list for Denver and some of my favorites around town. However, I have to say that when you are talking Colorado-style green chile, the best is made in Southern Colorado, especially Pueblo. This is the rare (and probably only) case of Pueblo cuisine being superior to Denver. For all the fuss Denverites make about green chile, you have to look far and wide to find a chile that would rate even on the low end of average for Pueblo. Heck, your average joint in Walsenburg or Trinidad makes a green chile that puts most Denver versions to shame.

I suspect part of the issue is the fascination we have with Hatch chili peppers here in Denver. While those are excellent peppers, Pueblo chilis, the Mirasol in particular, are superior. At least for making Colorado-style green chile. It would be nice if a few restaurants in Denver would figure out how to make a proper Colorado green chile from their colleagues in Pueblo.

Have a favorite green chile in Denver? In Pueblo? Add it to the list that's started after our "Denver's five best green chile fixes," or post it below.

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