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Reader: Restaurants Should Care About What They're Serving, Not What They're Tweeting

A jumping Johnny Ballen presided over both Squeaky Beans.
A jumping Johnny Ballen presided over both Squeaky Beans. Danielle Lirette
This past year has seen an amazing number of restaurants open. But amid the boom, there's also been a bust: Stella's didn't even last a year, and the second incarnation of the beloved Squeaky Bean closed. Although Stella's didn't make the cut, the Bean was definitely on our list of "The Ten Denver Restaurants That We'll Miss the Most." In response, readers shared their own favorite memories. Says JP: 
JJ's was my go-to late-night joint. I loved eating with all the Chinese chefs and staff. The staff was incredible and the food was everything! The new Sichuan is okay but lacks variety. JJ's had four menus to choose from, from dim sum to prepared dishes. Hopefully Hong Kong BBQ over on South Federal stays open for my Cantonese cravings, plus there is always Ma Ma Zoe’s.
Comments Joe:
 Although the Blue Parrot had gone downhill, you can't ignore a hundred-year history. If only more restaurants cared about what they were serving than what they were tweeting.
Says Marley:
 I'm really bummed about DJ's Berkeley Cafe closing.
Adds LeAnna: 
Axios was so good! Bummer.
And then there's this from Jill: 
No more foul-mouth bingo and $4.95 Golden Coral gift certificates at Squeaky Bean!  Sad face. That was fun for birthdays.
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