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Robert Alfaro, chef of Atticus, on ridding the culinary world of complicated menu jargon

Robert Alfaro Atticus 1125 East Evans Avenue 720-459-8273

This is part one of my interview with Robert Alfaro, chef of Atticus; part two of our interview will run tomorrow.

Most of us have childhood food memories: Lucky Charms, chocolate-chip cookies, flipping our first egg, cracking the shell of our first lobster. But for Robert Alfaro, the executive chef at Atticus, the memory of bloody deer carcasses in his kitchen is what stands out. "My mother was a bow-and-arrow hunter, and so was my grandmother, and they'd go out in the morning to hunt deer and then come home in the afternoon and break it down right in the middle of the kitchen," recalls Alfaro. And deer wasn't all he was eating for dinner. "My grandfather hunted frogs, turtles and squirrels, so it was commonplace to have turtle soup, squirrel soup, squirrel stew and roasted squirrel," he remembers.

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