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Rocky Flats Lounge Still Closed — What's a Packers Fan to Do?

The Rocky Flats Lounge has been a landmark on highway 93 for more than sixty years — first as the payroll office for the brand-new Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, then as a dive frequented by bikers riding along the foothills and, for the last two decades, as the metro area's biggest Packers bar, complete with a Wisconsin-style Friday night fish-fry. And all through the years, it was always a great place to get bombed.

But the bar has been closed since a fire last summer. The owners had hoped to get repairs concluded by the time the Green Bay Packers came to town, but no such luck. So supporters have come up with an alternative plan for November 1, which they describe on the Rocky Flats Lounge Facebook page:
It's Packer week in Colorado, folks. Green Bay only visits Denver once every 8 years, so let's do this right.

Since the bar still won't be open for the game this weekend... We're taking the party to Mile High Stadium.

We have a parking pass at the stadium this Sunday, Lot J, and we are inviting all of our Rocky Flats friends and supporters to join us. Yes, that means you.

We're bringing a green pop-up (courtesy of Irish Rich Custom Cycles), grills, and coolers. In addition, we'll have a tv, a power supply hook-up, and a digital antenna with us to watch games from the back of our truck. We're currently testing out to see how much power the tv uses and how good of a signal we can get, but we're pretty confident our set up will work(if anyone has experience setting up a tv from a vehicle, feel free to lend us some knowledge.

We will be arriving to lot J around 1:30pm to set up and begin the festivities. Our plan is to watch football and tailgate all day in the lot. Since game tickets are so expensive, we'll be watching the Packer-Bronco game in the lot as well. With our crowd, should be just as much fun outside the stadium as inside....

We'll also have free, green and gold Rocky Flats koozies (pictured here) for the first 100 people who show up to support us. A small thank you for coming out and showing your support, as well as a great way to keep your can cold.

This will be a good opportunity for Rocky Flats friends to meet up, have a good time, and show Wyman and Pat some support... It's been far too long. It will also be a good time to meet new friends and grow our great Rocky Flats community...
Do you know of other Packers bars in town? Share details in the comments section.
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