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Round two with Ed Kammerer, exec chef of Highland Pacific

Ed Kammerer Highland Pacific Restaurant & Oyster Bar 3934 West 32nd Avenue 303-477-6644

Part one of my interview with Ed Kammerer, exec chef-owner of Highland Pacific Restaurant & Oyster Bar, ran yesterday; this is part two of our chat.

Rules of conduct in your kitchen: We used to have all kinds of rules about what you should have on your station and what you should bring to work, like your own knives, but I've found that as I hire better people and fire those without common sense and general respect for others, the fewer rules I have to make. Experienced cooks know the rules -- although in today's world, there is one thing that has to be addressed constantly: cell phones. I'm not sure when being in constant communication with people you're not in the immediate room with became part of the Bill of Rights, but it's constantly addressed in my kitchen as a privilege that can be revoked at any time. I try to be respectful to responsible adults who get their job done, and I use the phone as a positive tool to gain knowledge when we have a question, or need to find something or get in touch with another employee. But if cell-phone use is abused, the privilege is revoked.

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