This kombucha beer combines the flavors of a sour ale with refreshing cherry kombucha.EXPAND
This kombucha beer combines the flavors of a sour ale with refreshing cherry kombucha.
Mark Antonation

Rowdy Mermaid Debuts Kombucha Beers in Boulder

Boulder kombucha brewer Rowdy Mermaid joined the ranks of Colorado's craft-beer brewers with the release of two kombucha beers on Saturday, August 13. The two brews are wild, sour kombucha ales — one flavored with cherries and the other with notes of apple.

The Wild Sour Cherry beer is a grain-based quaff brewed in conjunction with New Image Brewing in Arvada. It is fermented to 7.5 percent alcohol by volume using brettanomyces yeast (a wild yeast strain that gives many sour beers their distinctive funky flavors). The Wild Sour Apple rings in at 5.5 percent ABV and is blended with a "super-sour kombucha which derives its flavor from the apple quality of the sugars," according to Rowdy Mermaid. Both are dry-hopped to add citrus and piney notes.

Founder James "Jamba" Dunn received a liquor license to brew and serve alcoholic beverages earlier this year, making Rowdy Mermaid the first kombucha company in the Rocky Mountain region to do so. For now, the two beers are only available in the tap room at 2516 49th Street in Boulder from noon to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, but Dunn plans to expand his offerings with bottled alcoholic kombuchas in the coming months. 

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