Saying Adios to Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe, Denver's Best Family Restaurant

Rosa Linda's Mexican Restaurant won its first Best of Denver award in 1985, only a few months after the family-owned eatery had opened at 2005 West 33rd Avenue. It was just the second year of our Best of Denver edition, but we knew a winner when we saw (or tasted) one, and the Best of Denver combo became a regular feature on the Rosa Linda menu. And over the years, the wall of the restaurant boasted more and more Best of Denver awards, including the one that might have rung truest of all: Best Family Restaurant. Because not only was Rosa Linda's a great place to take a family (mine went there again Wednesday night for a celebratory meal, the last in a long line of celebratory  meals at Rosa Linda's), but it was created by a very special family.

But tonight Rosa Linda's will serve its last Best of Denver combo. After thirty years, the Aguirre family is closing their restaurant. Parents Virgil and Rosa Linda Aguirre have definitely earned their retirement, and their children — who essentially grew up in the place — have earned the right to strike out on their own. The only losers in the deal? The many fans of Rosa Linda's, who will always fondly remember both the food and family.

Interested in one last supper at Rosa Linda's? The restaurant will be serving until the kitchen closes for good tonight; to find out when that will be, call 303-455-0608.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.