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Seven Things to Know Before You Start a DIY Colorado Brewery Tour

Sure, you have a family, a job, a few hobbies and, you know, a life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the time to visit every brewery in Colorado. While the task might sound daunting, the guys who have done it say it wasn’t that hard — and they recommend it to anyone else who loves beer...and Colorado.

“It really wasn’t that taxing of an adventure, as it took me three years to visit all 300 breweries,” says Kevin Harris. “That’s only an average of two per week, and the large majority of the breweries in Colorado are in and around Denver and the Front Range. My job has me in the office very early, so the afternoon and evenings provided plenty of free time. And honestly,” he points out, “beer and breweries are my hobby.”

The Beer Barons — George Rapko, Daniel Hess and Gary Brown — rented a plane to knock off one group of breweries, but they also spent many hours in cars, and stayed in both hotels and campgrounds. And since the Barons didn’t count a brewery unless all three guys were there at the same time, “it took a lot of prodding to keep us all on schedule,” Rapko says.

“We did take a couple of months off due to work and other events,” he adds. “Early into the tour, we thought we might have lost our mojo and weren’t going to finish...but eventually we got back on schedule and were able to complete the trip. It really did consume a large portion of our time over those 642 days.”
Inspired? Intrigued? Ready to start your own quest? We’ve compiled some handy advice, including this one: Get started soon, because more than fifty new breweries are currently under construction across the state.

Keep reading for our tip sheet  on how to see them all:

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