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The Emich Triplets Reopen Shine in Boulder

The Emich sisters — Jennifer, Jill and Jessica — are putting a little Shine back in Boulder.
The Emich sisters — Jennifer, Jill and Jessica — are putting a little Shine back in Boulder. Tim D'Antonio/Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar
The Emich sisters — Jill, Jessica and Jennifer — closed Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place at 2027 13th Street in Boulder last summer after six years in business, but they weren't calling it quits. Instead, the triplets (who call themselves the Blissful Sisters) moved their restaurant to a new Boulder location. They're unveiling a new version of the eatery, now called Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar, today at 2480 Canyon Street.

Jill Emich says that guests can expect the same style of gluten-free, GMO-free dining as at the original location, along with cocktails, craft beer and Shine's well-known potions. "We go farm-direct, so we're the kind of place that has farmers bringing food through the back door," she explains. "It's what we like to call nutritionally inspired comfort food."

Shine isn't a vegetarian restaurant, but caters equally to carnivores, vegans, vegetarians and paleo practitioners, offering grass-fed meats, wild-caught seafood and local produce. As for the potions, Emich says that they are "herbal beverages brewed like tea and infused with vibrational essences" — from gems, flowers and even sounds. "They have the vibrational imprint of the flower, the gem or the sound," she adds.

As examples, Emich notes that rose quartz promotes self-love and unconditional love, so all of the potions, available in six-ounce pours that can also be made into cocktails, are infused with the essence of rose quartz. In fact, the floors at Shine also contain rose quartz to engender welcoming and love for everyone who sets foot in the space. Other potions have been infused with the sound vibrations of baby laughter, owl hoots and chanting monks. Boosters like CBD oil and vitamin B-12 can also be added.

If that seems a little too metaphysical for you, just know that the Emiches are primarily concerned with providing the Boulder community with a relaxing, loving and joyful environment with lots of good food and drinks. "There's a lot of intention in the design," Emich continues, pointing out the flower-of-life symbol embedded in a cloudlike wooden sculpture hanging above the dining room as an example. Inside, there's seating for about 100 customers, with an additional forty seats on the patio, which also sports a fireplace.

The Emich sisters have been in the restaurant business in Boulder for twenty years and owned Trilogy Wine Bar & Lounge before opening the original Shine (which is now another outpost of the Post Brewing Co.).

Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week, with brunch starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Call 303-449-0120 or see the restaurant's website for more information.
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