Shocker! The lime you squeeze into your Corona is not a health additive!

Yes, we know that drinking Corona can be hazardous to your health.

There's the alcohol factor, of course. Then there's the fact that ordering a Corona in Colorado, which is microbrew country, is a danger all its own, since other drinkers will mock your choice of the not-exactly-macho Mexican beer, which is distributed here by Molson Coors.

And now comes word that the limes you squeeze into the beer are not a healthy, juicy accessory, but a hazard all on their own.

According to this Reuters story, squirt that lime the wrong way and you could get a nasty case of "Mexican beer dermatitis."

In the Achives of Dermatology, Dr. Scott Flugman, of Huntington Hospital in New York, reports that if you're sitting in the sun when you order that Corona and accidentally squirt lime juice on your skin, a substance in the juice known as psoralen can leave marks -- for months.

There are a few rays of sunshine in this dire news, though. "It's just a cosmetic issue," Flugman told Reuters. "People are worried it's something serious. You might have some brown spots you're looking at for a few months."

And while lemons also contain psoralen, they're weaker and do not leave marks.

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