Six Denver Restaurants Closed by Fire in 2016 - And How Soon They Recovered

Where there's heat, there's fire — so inevitably there will be accidents or equipment problems that cause fires in professional kitchens. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, the damage can take time and money to repair, all while the restaurant sits closed and customers miss their favorites. Electrical issues, oven disasters and even arson (in the case of one bagel bakery below) caused six Denver restaurants to close this year; all but one have reopened. Here are links to our coverage, along with the closing and reopening dates of each.

Denver Firefighters Douse Flames at Pasquini's on Broadway
Closed: December 9
Reopening: December 10

Kitchen Fire Closes Cherry Cricket, but There's a Backup on Blake Street
Closed: November 23
Reopening: To be determined

The Goods Closes Temporarily Due to Kitchen Fire
Closed: September 26
Reopened: October 5

Fire Breaks Out in Apartment Above Rosenberg's Bagels and Deli
Closed: May 2
Reopened: October 15

School House Kitchen & Libations Reopens in Arvada After Seven-Week Closure
Closed: February 20
Reopened: April 13

Leña Rises From the Fire With New Spring/Summer Menu
Closed: March 30
Reopened: April 13
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