South Pearl Report: No more Nosh

Got word today from one of my South Pearl neighborhood spies that things are looking bad for Nosh.

This space at 1439 South Pearl Street, originally opened by John Hinman as the Gelato Spot back in 2005 only to become Nosh a couple of years later, was well-known in the neighborhood not only for its gelato and homemade pies, but for its seasonal spurts of cash-generating entreprenurial spirit.  Hinman (along with his girlfriend, patissier Jayne Yelich) would sell pumpkins around Halloween and truck in loads of Christmas trees to prop up the books during the winter months when the neighbors weren't quite so interested in gelato.

But pparently the Christmas tree sales weren't enough to hold them over this year, because I just got this note from my man on the street, Seth: "Looks like Nosh up the street from Sushi Den is done for. There was a for rent sign on the gate and the courtyard has been stripped of all furniture, accessories, board game pieces, and unsold Christmas trees."

Sad. The gates at Nosh are locked, and while I'd like to believe that this is just a temporary thing, calls to Nosh's phone number get nothing but the three-tones-of-doom and the disconnected number message from the phone company. And that's never good news.

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