Stimulate this! Denver Restaurant Week extended

By now, you've probably heard that the economy is in just a wee bit of trouble.  A bank failure here, a million foreclosures there.  Nothing serious, really...

But just for safety's sake, the good people behind Denver Restaurant Week have now officially extended the festivities for an extra week. Though their rationale has something to do with allowing more people the chance to experience the wonderful cuisine and blah blah blah, the subtext is most assuredly all about trying to help the struggling restaurant economy limp along for another seven days before it goes completely belly up, and in the process provide the citizenry of Denver with a delicious distraction while their property values plummet and their retirement savings are all stolen by some slick pyramid-scheme operator in Antigua.

Still, another week's worth of cheap grub at great restaurants? That's good news, right?  During both the official first week and the newly official second week, $52.80 will get you a multi-course dinner for two at some of the best tables in the city. For a list of the 225 participating restaurants (and menus), go to www.denverrestaurantweek.com. To see who's participating in the extended second week, look for the restaurants (there are about 140 of them) with an "E" beside their name. (E for Extended, get it? )

The first week of festivities starts tomorrow -- so get out there and start eating like it's the end of the world!

Because you never know when it just might be.

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