Street-food feedlot! Eighteen local food trucks and carts will convene tomorrow on West Colfax

If you've got a full calendar tomorrow, clear it.

Motoring on the heels of Civic Center Eats, the Justice League of Street Food bash, which kicked off its summer season last Saturday, and before that, the Food Truck Renegades grub fest that took center stage when nearly a dozen food trucks slung food from a parking lot at Ninth and Bannock at the end of May, a squad of eighteen food trucks and carts will huddle on one patch of turf tomorrow for what, so far, is the largest street-food gathering this city has seen.

It's the work of Mike Levine, who drives the wheels behind Mike's 2 Kitchen. Several weeks ago, Levine sent shout-outs to numerous trucks and carts across Denver to invite them to participate in a monster-size gorge orgy that was strictly about the food -- not entertainment, and not beer (although there is a liquor store within waddling distance of the party) -- just food. "We may be part of the Food Truck Renegades, but we also love the Justice League of Street Food, and we thought that it'd be great to have an event where any vendor who wanted to participate, could participate -- an open society if you will," explains Levine. "We're very excited about the growing street-food community and would like for everyone to shine," he adds.

The participating street-food slingers include several trucks and carts that entered into the fray last year, as well as a whole fleet of newcomers. Here's the lineup: Mikes 2 Kitchen Street Eats Crock Spot Chef Driven Coaches Scoop Chili Billy Manna From Heaven Sweet Nothings (Bon Bon Buggy) NZs Smoking Guns Mythos Greek Gigis Cupcakes Cream City Treats Fat Sully's Alvie's Eats The Cozy Bean Epicurean Catering Taco Bar Route 40 Argentinian Grille

The Denver food truck showcase posts up tomorrow at Festival Plaza at Mile High, located at 3200 West Colfax Avenue, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We'll definitely be there; so should you.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.