Sugar Bakeshop's looking at an early fall opening

A new bakery and cafe slated to spin sugar this summer on Broadway has pushed back its opening as a result of an unforeseen delay.

Owner Natalie Slevin Sugar Bakeshop were hoping to have the bakery's first storefront open this summer until learning, three months into the lease, that the space at 64 North Broadway wasn't up to code.

Not wanting to drop the dough necessary to bring it up, Slevin opted to terminate the lease. "It was a serious change of events," says Slevin. "The building is really old; so many things needed updating."

Fortunately, Slevin was able to find another space in the immediate vicinity (she's not saying exactly where, though, until it's a done deal) that should be able to accommodate the bakery. "The build-out process shouldn't take that long, provided there are no big bumps in the road," she says. Slevin hopes to sign a lease on the new space this week, and if all goes well, she'll open in the fall.

Sugar Bakeshop features made-to-order cookies, cakes, pies, brownies and other sweet treats (including cupcakes, of course). In addition, the storefront will sell soup, sandwiches and coffee. For more information, check out our droolfest over Sugar Bakeshop's doughnuts.

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