Ten Great Colorado Products for Summer Snacking and Sipping

A bowl of samples of the sriracha-flavored On Tap Kitchen Pretzels.
A bowl of samples of the sriracha-flavored On Tap Kitchen Pretzels. Linnea Covington

It's summertime, and already the picnics, hikes, campouts, poolside meetups and other warm-weather romping have commenced. So you'll need lots of snacks and drinks to help keep the parties going. Colorado has plenty to offer in this department, including cocoa-dusted nuts perfect for packing on a hike, canned cocktails made for covert outdoor concert sipping, and tasty hummus that can be part of just about any picnic. These ten Colorado-made treats will keep everyone happy as you take in sun, nature and fresh air.

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Bolder Tortilla chips, made with blue corn from a Colorado Ute reservation.
Linnea Covington
Bolder Tortillas Native American Corn Chips
Everyone needs some chips for superb snacking, and these dark-blue crisps have just the right amount of salt and can hold up to salsa or hummus with grace. Each batch is made in Boulder with blue corn from a Ute reservation in southwestern Colorado. This unique grain imparts a slightly sweet and earthy taste, with far more flavor than your run-of-the-mill supermarket tortilla chip. Bolder Tortillas can be found at various farmers' markets around town and at some small specialty grocers like Natural Grocers and Lucky's Markets.

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Chiporro Sauce Co.'s uchu hot and rocoto hot sauces, which you can buy online, in specialty stores and at select farmers' markets.
Linnea Covington
Chiporro Sauce Co. Uchu Hot
Everyone needs a little hot sauce in their bag, especially if you're a heavy hitter on the picnic and barbecue circuit. The Uchu Hot is a favorite as it combines aji amarillo chiles, onion, garlic, vinegar and huacatay, also known as Peruvian black mint. It's smoky, sweet and spicy — and definitely a conversation starter. The hot sauce was created by chef Carlos Ruiz, who has previously worked at the Corner Office Restaurant, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park and Boulder's Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. His talent and dedication to this passion project can be tasted in all six of his hot sauces. Find the goods now at the Union Station Farmers' Market, Savory Spice Shop, Mondo Market inside Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, and other specialty shops. You can also order it from the Chiporro website.

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Peppered elk jerky made by Climax Jerky.
Climax Jerky
Climax Jerky
Don't be that jerk who forgot to pack a protein snack for a scramble up your next fourteener. Climax Jerky proves the perfect food for those looking for something light, tasty and full of energy-giving nutrients and calories. The Comai family started the business almost twenty years ago on top of Fremont Pass, right across from the Climax Mine (hence the name). While you might not frequent that spot, chances are you've spotted Climax Jerky at Denver International Airport and sampled beef, buffalo, elk, wild boar, duck, venison, turkey and salmon jerky before committing to a whole bag. The proteins come seasoned in a variety of flavors, and there are even gluten-free versions. Buy it at DIA before or after a flight, at the Fremont Pass shop this summer or on the Climax Jerky website.

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Colterris Winery now cans its wine, dubbing it Canterris.
Colterris Winery
Colterris Winery Canterris Canned Wine
High-end wine in a can might be one of the smartest moves this Palisade winery has made. You can pack it in your camping cooler or pop a koozie on it at the park. And since there's no glass, it's safe to drink by the pool. All of the grapes found in this winery's vino are grown in-state, so you can carry your Canterris can with Colorado pride. Imbibers can choose from a red blend, a white blend and a rosé made from cabernet sauvignon grapes. Look for it at liquor stores around the city.

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A bag of tasty hickory smoked popcorn by Oogie's.
Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn
Hickory Smoked Gouda Popcorn From Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn
A bag of popcorn proves an admirable and portable snack for outdoor movies, concerts and parties. Created more than fifteen years ago, Oogie's Popcorn comes in several flavors. We dig the Hickory Smoked Gouda for a popcorn-meets-barbecue extravaganza, but the down-to-earth Movie Time Butter or Original Kettle Corn are crowd-pleasers, too. Oogie's uses all-natural, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients, and it's fairly healthy, to boot. Oogie's comes in big bags or snack-sized packs for the little ones, and the company also sells its spice blends by the jar so you can shake the flavor onto your own popcorn (or whatever else sounds good).

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