Tarbell's is now home at the Streets of Southglenn

Mark Tarbell's new restaurant opened last fall in the Streets of Southglenn, at 6955 South York Street, but tonight it will finally celebrate its grand opening with a charity fundraiser.

And it will do so under a new name: What had been Home is now Tarbell's.

The switch makes sense, since Mark Tarbell's name has brand recognition -- and Home was just confusing, given the existence of Second Home in Cherry Creek (in the former Mirepoix space).

This isn't the first time that Tarbell's had some problems coming up with a name for a restaurant. In the fall of 2008, he was considering Home as the name for his second Colorado restaurant, slated to go into the former Chama space in Belmar near the Oven, his first, and still very successful, Colorado restaurant. (There's now a second Oven -- at the Streets of Southglenn.)

Tarbell finally decided to put the Home name on hold and go with Mark & Isabella -- which didn't last a year.

Next up for that doomed Belmar spot: a fourth Little India, slated to open this spring.

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