Taza de Cafe and Charlie's Ice Cream Social Close on 44th Avenue

There's paper over the windows at Taza de Cafe and the neighboring Charlie's Ice Cream Social, both owned by Matt and Rosemary Lopez. Both places are now closed, but a sign on the window promises a new name, Cafe 44, and menu in the new year. Charlie's began peddling soft-serve ice cream with a retro theme in 2012, while Taza de Cafe had been serving coffee and Mexican breakfast and lunch fare the neighborhood for nearly ten years.

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The sign in the window reads:

Taza De Café will be seeing you in the New Year with a new look and a new name, Café 44.

We are excited for a fresh remodel and fresh new menu. We would like to thank all of our Neighbors who have supported us for the past ten years. We look forward to the next ten years as your locally owned and operated corner café.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook page as we start the transition to Café 44.

Thank you and see you in 2015,

Rosy & Matt

There is no word yet on whether the Charlie's space will be leased to a new tenant or whether it will become part of the new Café 44.

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