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Readers: We Need More Reasonably Priced Restaurants in Denver

The Telegraph bar has dried up.
The Telegraph bar has dried up. Mark Antonation
Telegraph closed this week, after a two-year run in a space at 295 South Pennsylvania Street that had already swallowed up several other restaurants, including Cafe|Bar and Grey Cactus. A few readers like Nikki blamed the closing on the "crappy location," but others suggest a more likely culprit: value, or lack thereof. Says Jeremy: 
Way overpriced for mediocre small portions.
Adds C.J.:  
Liked Telegraph, but could only go for happy hour. It's high rent and so-so pay in Denver. We need more mid-range-priced restaurants. Where are yummy salads for $12 to $14 with chicken? Seems like it's $17-plus anymore, which is too much. Where's the $5 to $8 wine as opposed to $12-plus? Everything is ridiculously expensive. 
Adds James:
 When will they learn that as long as they keep creating weird, pricey menus, these places will close. I want food I'm familiar with, for a reasonable price!
What kind of restaurant would you like to see in this space next? Or is it just jinxed for any kind of eatery?
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