Ten beers for women that aren't Animée

Unlike many of my female beer-drinking cohorts, I don't get my lacy lingerie in a bunch (mainly because I totally don't own lacy lingerie) over the fact that Molson Coors is about to release Animée, a beer made for women.

Marketing: I can dig it. But still, it's a little absurd that the company thinks that those of us with two X chromosomes are more likely to pick up a brewski if it's as light as a cool mountain stream and has the beery flavor masked by rose petals or a lemon twist. (Anecdotal proof: I didn't like beer at all when the only types I'd tried were light variations poured from underage kegs. It took a sample of stout to make me a believer, and I've never looked back.)

Herewith ten beers I find much more suitable than Animée for gatherings of female friends:

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