Ten foods you should never eat on a job interview

The unemployment rate remains over 9 percent -- about the same as it was a year ago. But you already knew that, educated readers of Cafe Society. What you didn't know, or maybe haven't thought about, is what you shouldn't eat if you find yourself in that third or fourth level of the job-interview dimension, when things get serious and you're asked to grab a bite to eat with your prospective employer. Never before (except maybe on a first date that you actually cared about) has choosing what you eat said so much about you; never before has it mattered so much if you spill your meal down your shirt and onto the tie you were planning on returning if you got the job. So as a public service to all our readers looking to land that dream job, here are ten foods you should never, ever, not even for a second, think about ordering while on a job interview.
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Nick Lucchesi
Contact: Nick Lucchesi